Being very careful is a priority in online casinos. Luck can turn around at any time, and you need to anticipate and prepare for it. Most major players recommend not spending more than 1% of your budget on a given game. In this way, you will avoid losing your money quickly, especially if you encounter a series of losing bets.

Make the most of promotions.

To attract new players, casinos offer many promotions. Some of them can help you generate earnings if you know how to take advantage of them. To do this, you must dissect the conditions relating to each offer in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Choose games with the best payout rate.

Most casino games, particularly slot machines, have a payout rate of at least 86%. This means that for 100 € wagered on a slot machine, for example, you will get 86 € back over time. Some machines even reach 96% or more back, depending on the online casino. In general, the sites publish their average return rates, and it is key for you to know these rates for each game on which you want to bet.

Play in legal casinos

Some casinos claim to be legal when they are not. The casino is an activity regulated in Belgium by the Gaming Commission; remember to check that the site is on this list before registering, and not on the commission’s blacklist.

The security of the online casino is very important, because not only do you deposit money there, but your personal data must be protected. Remember to check if the site is secure via SSL, which will ensure the confidentiality of all transactions and data.

Choose games with low margins.

The first mistake for casino players is to choose games with high casino margins. It is stupid to choose a casino game with 20% or more margin. Among the least profitable games for casinos are Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat.

Play a single game

Casinos generally have a very wide range of games, with even several versions of the same game. Note that it is a mistake to test them all. Choose a low-margin casino game and stick with it. Focus on it (read strategies), and your profits will come over time.

Flee the roulette

Roulette is a trap, and many believe that they have a system for winning in roulette (the famous martingale). There is no system.

Avoid distractions                       

One of the advantages of playing online is that you can play calmly. In case of a bad series, take a break of several hours without trying to start again immediately.

Monitor your addiction

Addiction to online gambling can be dangerous, so it is advisable to have a game scheduled to avoid becoming addicted and spending too much time playing online. If you think about spending too much time on it, stop playing until the call of the game disappears.