• Carnival of the Mobilists #262

    Tego Interactive is once again honored to host the Carnival of the Mobilists (COM), the weekly roundup of the Web’s best blogging on mobile and wireless. We are humbled to be part of this great collective of mobile thinkers and innovators and want to thank all Mobilists for their contributions to this COM installment.

    Readers, we encourage you to check out this week’s line-up of posts as a lead in to the gathering at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona 27 February – 3 March, 2012. Also be sure to follow the COM on Twitter (@TheMobilists) to find out what’s happening within the COMmunity.

    The List

    • John Stevens from 2ergo explains how mobile has become an important part of the shopping experience and provides tips for creating and executing a successful mobile strategy.
    • MobileGroove’s Peggy Anne Salz in collaboration with UNTETHER.tv looks at the rise of mobile voice and popularity of Apple’s Siri. You can also check out an interview with Bill Meisel, President of TMA Associates, to hear his thoughts on mobile voice.
    • WIP interviews Peter Lindgren, CEO of VISIARC, about the creation of Duudle, a multiplayer app, developed at Nokia World’s Hackathon. Peter also gives insight on their hackathon strategy. Take note, Duudle won first prize…hack on!
    • This week Sticky Smartphone brings us a plain language explanation of what “fair” means in the Google/Motorola Mobilty patent claims against Apple. Is 2.25% excessive? Read the article to see what that seemingly reasonable number truly represents.
    • Oren Levine over at Mobile in DC says he has discovered that he is a “digital omnivore”. In other words, he increasingly seeks out and uses online services that are available on – and work seemlessly across – multiple platforms. Oren points out the challenges this imposes on developers and discusses his own work on an analysis tool he hopes will make it easier to develop these multi-platform mobile solutions.
    • Writing for Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM), Antoine RJ Wright leads us through a self discovery of how he uses mobile Apps for Bible Study. It’s an interesting study and Antoine prods readers to explore ways to “go mobile” with their Bible studies beyond just lookups, collections, and reading plans.

    A good part of Tego Interactive business is consulting on mobile strategy and development of mobile Applications. It is with this bias that we present our picks of the month. Yes, two this month:

    • MobyAffiliates outlines the ins-and-outs for advertising in Android apps and how to best use a mix of ad networks for maximum return. Bottom line, there is money to be made.
    • It’s no secret you need to approach mobile Apps as a business unto themselves. The marketing of apps is arguably more important than the App itself and in-app advertising is an important channel to find that elusive and important beast called the “loyal user”. mobiThinking provides us with some interesting data on the growing importance and cost of acquiring loyal users and questions whether Apple may have missed the boat early on by pricing itself out of the already well served in-app advertising market.

    The COM is an open community of mobile enthusiasts and everyone is welcome to participate. If you would like to contribute to the next Carnival of the Mobilsits, submit your best blogging via email to Mobilists (at) gmail (dot) com. Be sure to include a link to your post.

    Next month’s COM will be hosted by James Coops at MobyAffiliates on February 27th. Keep an eye out.

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